Consultation Information

Kara subscribes to HIPAA compliant email, fax, phone/text and electronic health records to protect your personal information.

Quick advice is free.  However, most challenges or problems require an in-person evaluation.

I am an In-Network Provider for UCSD Managed Care.

UCSD covers the entire cost of consults for its Managed Care Clients.  

All other clients are fee for service based.  Please request a Superbill if you wish to submit one to your insurance carrier.  There is no guarantee for reimbursement.

New Client:  45 minutes $176.07

New Client:  60 minutes $222.07

New Client:  1.5-2 hours $360.26

New Client:  over 2 hours $465.03-570.34

Established Client:  40 minutes $157.32

Established Client:  1.5-2 hours $295.51

Established Client:  over 2 hours $ 400.55-505.59

Consultations include infant, maternal, and feeding assessments, personal pump assessment / instructions (if desired), and a plan of care.  Consultations are devoted to YOU!  I make sure to address all your questions and concerns.  There is no cost for any supplies provided to you.  Consult and post visit emails/texts/phone calls are also without charge unless the situation warrants a follow-up visit.

Multiples:  $25.00/infant added (non Managed Care Clients)

Cash, credit, and debit cards are accepted.