"I have been stretching and massaging at least three times a day since I saw you.  I also used the yoga block and the racquetball to roll things out. 


This morning I woke up, fed baby first on my left side (unaffected side) and used the Haakaa for my right side to catch letdown and gently pump off some milk.  Then I fed baby on the right side.  A tiny twinge of the pain here and there but mostly NOTHING.  I was super careful about latch and held baby in basically a football hold.  


I am so beyond happy.  I am having a great day without being crippled by the pain.



-MT, Escondido

"My husband and I had an amazing experience working with Kara. Getting to sit down with her + our week-old baby to go over all of my first-time-Mom nerves and questions was invaluable! We had her undivided attention and care for nearly two hours — going over everything from latch, to new feeding positions to try, to our nursing schedule, to weighted feeds — and that appointment gave me all the confidence I needed to continue my breastfeeding journey. 7 months later, I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and texting Kara with any questions (+ cute baby pictures). I recommend her to all of my mama-to-be friends!"

-Kristen E., San Diego 

"As a first time mother, I was fortunate to get in touch with Kara. She provided at home visitations at 2wks and 1mo after my little one’s arrival. Kara was very professional, thorough, knowledgeable, accommodating and took the time to answer ALL of my questions. She gave great advice on latching, feeding positions, breast pumping, and bottle feeding. Kara has also provided guidance for my transition to a working mom."

-Merissa O., San Diego

"Thank you so much Kara for your advice and encouragement. I felt very relieved after we devised a wonderful plan. Thank you again for having such a positive outlook on my situation and helping me decrease stress for both Emerson and myself. We really appreciate your visit!  I have been raving about you to my friends and family."

-Shellie F, San Diego

"After many painful days of improper latching and damaged nipples my husband and I decided to seek extra help for our daughter since her weight loss was close to 10% of her birth weight. Kara was easy to get in contact with and was able to get us in the next morning. We all know babies have their own agenda, she was able to be flexible with the time which I thought was very helpful. We chose to go to her home for the consultation, her house was so cute and she has a whole room dedicated to her consultations . I really enjoyed the privacy and coziness of her house versus it at a Dr office it made the experience more intimate. She was well organized and surpassed my expectations! She had everything you could think of for baby and even had water bottles for my husband and I (it's the little things). During our consultation she thoroughly checked our daughter for any lip or tounge tie, which was ruled out. Next we worked on different ways to position baby and her latch. Once her latch was corrected due to a shallow latch we focused on her breast milk consumption. There were many different technique she showed us that helped supplement her without having to use formula (no judgement fed is best!). I also really enjoyed how she included my husband 100% in the whole process. I’m happy to say we are still successfully breastfeeding three months later with no end in sight! Overall I would highly recommend Kara to any mamas out there that need extra breastfeeding support."

 -Alexis B., Ramona

"Thanks much for your support and time to come out to help me and my baby through this hard period with a such short request, I really appreciate that. If I have any friends who need a consultant, I definitely will recommend you."

-Julia B., Escondido

"I welcomed my first baby, a little boy named Harrison in September (2017).  We were so excited and happy to welcome him into our family.  Unfortunately after his first visit to the pediatrician he had lost more than 10% of his birth weight.  I tried supplementing with formula but he still wasn't gaining enough weight and I wasn't seeing an increase in milk supply.  My pediatrician recommended that I meet with a Lactation Consultant and that is when I contacted Kara.  Kara was able to come to my house that same day.  She reviewed my situation and gave me suggestions on how to increase my milk supply and make sure that Harrison got the milk he needed.  She's been available for me to text, email, call when I had more questions and she has continued to help me along the way.  I'm seeing an increase in my milk supply, which feels great and no longer need to give him formula.  I am so grateful that she was there to help me and gave me the confidence I needed to continue my breastfeeding journey with my son.

-Megan C., San Diego