"After knee surgery (meniscectomy), I continued to have pain from the swelling in my knee despite physical therapy exercises and frequent icing/ elevating.  It felt like the fluid was stuck and needed something to help get it moving, so I decided to give MLD a try.  Kara's gentle touch and technique were just what I needed!  I was pleasantly surprised to walk away with a smoother gait and significantly less pain!"

 -Lori N., San Marcos

"I was in a total state of relaxation both during and after receiving the MLD.  Kara has an amazing, light touch which is so soothing.  My stress disappeared and I was able to truly unwind and feel at peace.  I look forward to my next MLD with Kara!"

-Joann G., San Diego

"I really enjoyed it.  I like it better than deep tissue massage.  It's amazing how something so gentle could do so much, being beneficial to your health in so many ways.  Kara is professional, caring, and experienced.  I left feeling very relaxed.  I highly recommend her!"

- Ruby R., Mira Mesa 

“I found the treatment relaxing and soothing and the overall effect was less tension and a sense of peace.”

- Renee R., San Diego

"Kara provides professional and relaxing treatment. She is sensitive to the needs of her clients and genuine in providing the best care for each individual client. I immediately relaxed and even fell asleep during my treatment! I highly recommend Kara."

-Susan M., San Diego


"The next day my sinuses were noticeably clearer.  I highly recommend this treatment!"

-Kara C., San Diego